Pro bono

Pro bono legal advice (from the Latin term pro bono publico, “for the public good”) lies at the heart of the social responsibility of lawyers. The role they play in improving the society they work in brings meaning to the profession by reconnecting it with the value of justice.

Lawyers from all Uría Menéndez offices provide free legal advice to non-profit entities and those with limited means. The Professor Uría Foundation promotes and oversees that process.

The fact this type of legal advice is free does not affect its quality in any way. Uría Menéndez holds itself to the same standards of dedication and excellence as it does with any other matter.

The Foundation’s pro bono work targets five priority areas: infants, youths, immigrants, prisoners and other vulnerable groups.

Our pro bono work also includes providing training through seminars and preparing legal guides for non-profit entities. These guides are available on the Documentation section.

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