Código de Conducta

El Código de Conducta aprobado por el Patronato de la Fundación es de obligado cumplimiento para todos los integrantes de la Fundación, lo que incluye, sin excepción alguna, a los miembros de sus órganos de gobierno, del equipo de gestión y al resto de su personal empleado. Del mismo modo, el Código es de aplicación para todos los voluntarios que participen en sus proyectos y actividades y deberá ser tenido en cuenta por las entidades beneficiarias, colaboradoras y donantes.

Annual report

The annual report identifies the main activities carried out and the number of beneficiaries, along with our partner institutions and companies during the year.

Financial information

All assets and resources of the Professor Uría Foundation come from private benefactors.

The 2019 annual accounts were audited by Deloitte and filed with the Registry of Foundations of the Ministry of Justice.

Awards and honours

Awards and honours

In 2020, the Spanish Committee for Refugee Aid (CEAR) named the Professor Uría Foundation a “refuge organisation” in recognition of our volunteers’ work in protecting the fundamental rights of asylum seekers in Ceuta and Melilla.

The Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Awards 2020 have recognised the Professor Uría Foundation and Uría Menéndez for their pro bono work in the “Ödos” project, a network of organisations striving to provide comprehensive care and assistance to vulnerable women and their children who make it to Spain in small unseaworthy boats.

The charity concert Rock & Law, of which the Professor Uría Foundation is a sponsor, was awarded the 2017 CRIS Prize for the community initiative category, in recognition of its support for research into childhood cancer.

The ASEM Federation granted the Professor Uría Foundation one of its ASEM 2015 Awards in recognition of its solidarity with the ASEM movement and its contribution towards improving the quality of life of those living with neuromuscular conditions. The presentation of the award took place in Vigo on 24 October at the closing of the 30th ASEM Congress.


The Professor Uría Foundation was awarded the Citizen Award 2014 "in recognition of its commitment to and supporting of its educational work in public schools, prisons, immigration centres and employment centres, with the aim that the law be perceived and respected as an instrument for peaceful coexistence.”

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