Social action

The Foundation promotes volunteering and social action initiatives both independently and in partnership with other entities.

The Social Action Committee (SAC) identifies, analyses, coordinates and often manages social action and humanitarian projects not only in Spain and Portugal, but also abroad.

Our figures for 2023

Members of the SAC
Volunteer coordinators

School Canteens programme

Comedor escolar

The main objective of the School Canteens programme is to help low-income families pay for their children’s canteen costs.

Over the 2022/2023 academic year, 142 school-canteen-aid packages were awarded to pupils from fifteen different state schools (ten in Madrid and one in Barcelona).

Support to other groups

The Professor Uría Foundation collaborates with the Portuguese association Associação Mais Proximidade Melhor Vida (AMPMV) through the “Dar + Vida” project, which aims to help the elderly by preventing them from becoming isolated and improving their quality of life.

The Foundation also collaborated with the Bokatas Association’s “Rutas Zero” project, which involved spending time with the homeless.

Support to other groups