The award is also in memory of the illustrious lawyer and patron of the arts, Rodrigo Uría Meruéndano, former chairman of the board of trustees of the Prado Museum (2004-2007) and first chair of the Professor Uría Foundation.

The prize for the winning article will be EUR 25,000, and now for the first time there will also be a prize of EUR 5,000 for the article that comes in second place. 

The deadline for submitting articles is 31 October 2023.

The panel for this edition will be headed by Daniel Proença, as well as composed of Encarnación Roca Trías, Miguel Satrústegui Gil-Delgado, José Massaguer Fuentes and Luis Fernando Macías Gómez. Agustín González García will act as secretary.

The terms and conditions of the competition can be found here.