This October marks the 18th anniversary of the start of the Law Talks at Prisons programme, the very first programme the Foundation set up and one which firmly reflects its principles and objectives.

Since its inception in October 2005, 140 lectures have been given at the Soto del Real facility (Madrid V) and 129 at the Aranjuez facility (Madrid VI). A total of 248 Uría Menéndez lawyers and staff have participated.

The topics addressed have covered all areas of law: from financial matters to new technologies, the geopolitics of conflicts, consumer law, maritime law, pharmaceutical law, intellectual property and EU law. Occasional lectures have also been given on non-legal subjects, such as history, communication and photography. 

The award was presented to Rafael Fuster, Executive Vice Chair of the Professor Uría Foundation, by Luis Carlos Antón, Director of the Soto del Real facility.

The Foundation would like to extend its sincere gratitude to all the volunteers who have participated in this programme over the years. Without their dedication and efforts none of this would have been possible.